My journey with making images started in 2001, and my very first image making device was a digital one. So unlike the rest of the photographers who've graced these august pages, I'm fairly new and consider myself still a learner in the craft. But I'll tell you this, I can't remember my life before I stated looking at the world in frames. Photography has made me see the beauty in the world around us, whether it is the smile of a 80 year old woman that shows a life well lived, or a surreal sunrise viewed from 17,000ft up in the mountains. This ability to see beauty has turned into an obsession to seek more beauty. In turn, this search has turned into a life full of travel.

Not just the travel that takes you places, but the kind that forces you to experience new lifestyles and cultures. I spent 6 years studying engineering and management, and 3 years working with some of the best companies in the corporate world. I traveled to rural corners of India selling toothpaste and to big glass faceted corporate houses selling ideas. And while I truly enjoyed this life, I always found pure joy while creating images. So it was in the winter of 2010 that I quit to become a full fledged wedding photographer. Why weddings? is a question I get asked a lot. To me, weddings stand for everything that I love about the art and craft of photography - they force me to interact with my subjects, but at the same time teach me to respect the occasion and be a fly on the wall, they require you to be quick on your feet, they're simply gorgeous to shoot, and are full of emotion.

That then, brings me to what I seek for in my art. Two factors make up pretty much every one of my images : beauty and emotion. All the images I seek need to have both of these aspects, the rest of the technicalities are optional. By emotion, I don't just mean capturing an expression on camera but I also hope to elicit an emotion from my viewer when they see my work. I hope to steal more than 5 seconds of my viewer's attention with my images. 5 seconds may seem less but in our age of rapid social media consumption, it is nothing but a meaningful pause. A pause that begs for you to look deeper or simply be so stunned that you'll sit back and soak in the detail. Beauty as a term is self explanatory and my work revolves around this central theme across all genres.


International Photography Awards 2015: Weddings. Global First Place.

Sony Artisan of Imagery, India

Zeiss Camera Lens Ambassador

Featured in press around the world

Speaker at major photography conferences

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